Real-Time Location Tracking

Tagvance platform enables real-time tracking of  industry standard tags and devices, with accuracy even down to a few centimeters. It is a reliable, versatile, highly customizable, fully scalable and cost efficient solution for rural remote industrial applications.



quuppa aoa locator.jpg

Quuppa system uses advanced antennas, the locator,  to measure the direction (Angle-of-Arrival) of a radio signal transmitted by a tag. The AoA method enables to determine accurate 2D position using only one locator. With two locators, the system is able to compute accurate 3D position.




Bluetooth technology gives several advantages, including long tag battery lifetime, typically up to 2 years, and compatibility with standard mobile devices. Hence makes the platform easy to use and integrate, and affordable.



Environmental Monitoring

sensor icon.jpg

Tagvance platform has the ability to carry environmental sensor data alongside the positioning data.




Temperature, humidty, pressure, air quality, sound, vibration, tilt, load, and stress sensor types can be read via BLE data aquisition or wiring. 

Professional Services


From network cabling to IT hardware, we have a complete solution infrastructure. Our team has the right tools for the project. From disaster management to major event scenarios, the equipment is installed and the system is provisioned to monitor and keep people safe. Once installed, the system normally requires no physical maintenance. The system is constantly monitoring itself and will send an alert, in case it needs attention.



Data Mining

The right information at the right time and the right location enables an excellent opportunity for the mining industry to make their decisions faster than ever.




Tagvance platform enables real-time viewing, recording, replaying, and analysing data generated within the system.  We offer a set of tools for visualizing and analyzing the data via heat maps, zone history, trajectory, and velocity graphs.



Integrating location and sensor data into any ERP or any external decision support system will help increase the production efficiency and safety. The system offers an easy to use standard JSON/REST- pull API, that enables seamless integration with other systems. The API is fully open and configurable,